I started my adulthood in a corporate job, sitting on my bum all day eating bad food, drinking too much and having a hedonistic time at the weekends with a group of equally unhealthy friends.


After 2 years of that I thought 'is this it?'. I quit, I went travelling and saw the world, I was away for 18 months.


When I returned to the UK I stood on the scales and i had gained about 3 stone. A spiral of self-destructive dieting coupled with pursuing men that were neither interested in me or had anything interesting to offer me left my self esteem at an all time low. I stopped going out, I totally withdrew and I felt lost 'who had I become?'.


Personal Trainer Bristol
Weight Loss Results Bristol Personal Trainer

I developed a new identity, it was someone who was 'on a diet and losing weight', I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and I didn't know what worked so I just did things I had heard of on TV or in magazines.


I tried shake diets, cutting out food groups, bingeing and starving. I tried everything and nothing worked for me, I despaired, I just kept looking at my body and thinking 'this isn’t the one, this isn’t the body I am supposed to have'.


And then, I found exercise, a friend asked if I wanted to go to a class with her and one day at a time I just kept going back. I loved how it made me feel and I just kept going. The weight didn’t fall off but I did have more confidence and I started to FEEL better, that was the beginning of the first phase of the journey.

I moved back to the city and went back to corporate but it was different this time, I was eating healthy, working out and surrounding myself with different people and life was on the up. And then, Mum got diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive lung cancer, stop all the clocks, she was 50.


I started to really take things seriously then, life was short and was I really living it? I took the health up a notch, ditched sugar, started running, drank less and lived for the days rather than the nights.

My body started to change quite dramatically, people noticed! But what really changed was something inside me, I began to trust myself more, I was quietly confident and I began to develop a mission.


I met a man who was both interested in me and interesting to me! I quit corporate and retrained as a Personal Trainer. I learnt how to shortcuts the process and avoid all the pain I went through in the early 

days of feeling like I was failing at diets and wasting my time in the gym.

Over the last 2 years I have worked with over 100 women who are looking to transform their bodies and in that time I have transformed some lives too. Women come to me feeling frustrated and lacking confidence, I help to build them up, their body is the first thing we transform but everything changes for them.

When a woman has the confidence to change her body everyone sees the results externally, but she changes. She becomes the person she trusts the most, she goes to herself for guidance and other areas of her life improve. My ability to love, understand and guide others has become my superpower and it all started with a decision to get fit, hot, healthy and happy. The most important thing about me is that I am just an ordinary girl who decided that she would become and extraordinary woman.

Weight Loss Results Bristol Personal Trainer

I'm here to help you! I know you are frustrated and fed up with not getting anywhere, I know how you feel about your body is affecting your whole life and I am committed to helping you to transform all that.


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