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The Key to a Transformational Result in Just 12 Weeks!

My most popular and most successful product is my 12 week transformation programme. Clients work with me twice a week one to one in the studio, they have home workouts to complete in addition to their personal training sessions. They follow a prescribed meal plan and completely weekly exercises to help them with their mindset during the process. If they complete the programme to the letter, it works, every single time.

My job as their coach is to make sure they stick to the elements I have prescribed and get the best possible result in the shortest amount of time and it works. So what is it about my programme that works so well?

- The exercise. The workouts that you complete at home are short; just 15 - 20 minutes so you can fit them into your day even when you are super busy and they require minimal equipment so there really is no excuse. As for the gym workouts? these are fun, varied and challenging, and here is my secret; I figure out what you like and what you need early on and we do more of that! You’ll work harder when you are into it, the last thing I want is someone resisting the workout I have set. All my clients find themselves actually wanting to work hard and that is what gets results. The programme is about what you need, not what I as a trainer enjoy coaching and that is a major difference.

- The nutrition. Any Trainer can advise you to eat chicken, broccoli and brown rice 5 times a day and provided they calculate your calories right you will lose weight but if you are totally honest are you going to stick to that beyond the 12 week programme? In addition to that, food can still be a pleasure even if you have a weight loss goal. I encourage my clients to eat a varied diet, fall in love with cooking and preparing food and I also allow treats. If food is restricted you are more likely to desire it - it doesn’t make sense but I don

’t make the rules. So, it’s okay to have a treats and foods that might not contribute to the end goal but do satisfy the cravings without doing any damage to the end goal.

- The mindset. If you have decided you want to transform your body you are going to have to do things differently from now on, you won’t get a result without significant change and that does require a shift in thinking, otherwise you will always feel as though you are working against the tide. Sometimes the activities can produce a natural shift in mindset but actively taking part in exercises that promote a better mindset first can really accelerate the process of transformation. All my clients are required to complete 60 - 90 minutes of mindset ‘training’ per week and this is as important as the physical exercise.

There are lots of components to a successful transformation and every single person has the ability too achieve something amazing in just 12 weeks however, you must must must be committed to the end goal and the only way to get there is to FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS!

The bottom line is you have been capable of this transformation for many many years but you have never stuck to anything for long enough or with enough intensity to get the full benefit of your hard work. Maybe you have lost interest, maybe you have started eating the crap again or maybe life got in the way, the bottom line is it became harder to do it than it became not to do it.

If you truly love the process it will become your new normal mode of operation, it won’t feel like you are on a programme or restricting yourself solely based on the perceived outcome. When you fall in love with the process the result will come, but the best thing is, you will enjoy the joinery there and the destination will be the cherry on top!

If you would like to learn to fall in love with a process that guarantees a result then why not book a free consultation to find out more about the Goddess Body Formula Programme? Just click here to apply and I will contact you to book your free consult.

Lizzie x

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