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Why The Strategies and Plans Your Personal Trainer is Giving You Won’t Work

I follow a lot of accounts on Instagram. Fellow trainers, celebrity trainers, influencers, chefs, nutritionists , gurus of one kind or another. All their content is great but it means nothing to you if….

You won’t do it.

I think it’s fair to say if there was a magic pill most of us would take it. If life could be that simple. I remember during one of my early therapy sessions saying how I longed for the switch to go back on (or off depending on how you look at it) and my therapist saying with a knowing smile ‘I get that a lot’. But the reality is, there is no magic pill, no prescription and no ‘formula’, which seems ironic given the name of my business.

We, as humans, have nuances, ups and downs, external and internal influences and life is rarely linear, if it were, we’d be dead. And that is why we have to embrace the ups and downs. A friend said to me after the death of my mother ‘every adversity comes with equal or greater opportunity’, he was kind of allowed to say that because he was part of the dead mum’s club. Anyone else had said that to me i’d find them incredible insensitive and accuse them of gaslighting.

All the things that happen to us in our life have the ability to derail us or add fuel to our fire, and often do a bit of both. Diet plans and workout plans don’t really allow for that though. Let’s say you sign up to a 90 day plan, 4 weeks in your partner leaves you…. is it likely you’re going to just carry on with the exact same plan that was prescribed to you in the beginning? Of course not.

That might seem like an extreme example, but it’s important to understand the message. Consistency is key when it comes to getting results, but what is consistent for you will vary. That’s why I work with clients for a minimum of a year, in phases. You have to learn to train through the seasons, you have to learn how to navigate external challenges and not be entirely derailed. You have to learn how to sustain results through adversity.

How do I know it’s possible? In the last 6 years I have….

  1. Cared singlehandedly for my Mum while she died of lung cancer, the most utterly terrifying and lonely experience of my life to date.

  2. Been in the house alone as she died

  3. Overcome a crippling battle health anxiety, PTSD and the depression caused by those things (I am not managing them, I am healed).

  4. Had a (very) emergency c-section and further PTSD.

  5. Suffered (what I now know to be severe) post-natal depression.

  6. Moved to a whole new location with a toddler, where I knew no one and had to start my business from the ground up after being established for 8 years in Bristol.

All those things are the fabric of my life, they made me who I am. Do you think a strict diet plan and workout regime was going to get me through those challenges? 28 year old me wouldn’t have known anything about how those kind of adversities would affect me. So, despite many of people I follow having very valid advice, it’s redundant if you don’t have the mindset to go with it.

The person I needed during those times was ME. So, I am here today being the woman I needed 5 years ago. Part of my work has been healing my own wounds, I feel I have a duty to my past and future clients to find a way to survive all those adversities and live a carefree, light and joyful life.

I will show up for you when you cannot, I will guide you through the best of times, and the worst of times. I will hear you and adapt when necessary, I will always make you feel like the only person in the room. I am not just a Personal Trainer, this is not body transformation, this is TOTAL transformation. And the tools? I’ll give you those too……

I am a Female Personal Trainer based in Sandbanks, Poole, I work with 5 women at a time who are willing and able to invest time and finances in themselves. If you would like to apply to work with me, click here.

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