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Briony - Project Manager 


Lizzie has been my PT on and off for 7 years - a true testament to how brilliant she is! My goals have changed over the years - learning to weight lift, building strength, improving hockey performance, improving my body aesthetically, and most recently through Covid 19 and the various lockdowns, staying healthy both physically and mentally. Lizzie has always supported me, motivated me and built my confidence, enabling me to strive to achieve things I once would never have dreamt of! In the gym, so many times I saw instructors standing, barking instructions, but Lizzie never raises her voice or shames you into doing the work and yet somehow, I have never worked harder or enjoyed exercise more! A fantastic PT and human -  I cannot recommend her enough!

Dana - Mum of 4


I have had the privilege to work out with Lizzie for the past year. Lizzie has created workouts that were exactly what I was looking for...challenging, different, and fun! Just when I thought I knew all of the ways to work out my hamstrings, she'd show me a new and more interesting approach. We also spent a lot of time discussing my day-to-day nutrition so that I could find a happy balance (being a busy mum of 4) and still achieve the results that I wanted to see. Since I started working out with Lizzie, I am happier, more fit and have seen an 8% loss in body fat! Thank you, Lizzie!!!

Weight Loss Results Bristol Personal Trainer

Kelly - CEO


Literally amazed with my results with Lizzie!!!! 5 star!!!! I have been unhappy with my shape for years, and always tried to get in to shape myself but always failed. After my first session with Lizzie I had full confidence in her ability to kick my ass in to shape and she did. In 12 weeks I lost 8lbs of fat and have toned up by gaining 4lbs of muscle. I feel so much more confident in myself. A large part of my results have also come from The Goddess Body Formula online support program, this helped me to change my eating and drinking pattern in to a much more healthy and rewarding (but still realistic) lifestyle that I will continue to go by every day. 

I would highly recommend anybody to Lizzie! I'm going in for my second 12 weeks with her and taking my fitness to the next level because I am hooked! 

Get involved people!

Claire - Project Manager 


Lizzie has been fantastic. I came to her because I wanted to lose the weight I just couldn't shift and wanted to gain the confidence to do resistance training. My old jeans are big and I am ready to start weight training alone. Lizzie is friendly and approachable and I'm really going to miss our sessions which were hard work but great fun.

Weight Loss Results Bristol Personal Trainer
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Catherine - Solicitor 

When I first approached Lizzie in 2019 I was relatively fit but wanted to be stronger. I didn't use the gym - sticking mainly to classes or outdoor exercise (running or cycling) - so I was apprehensive. Training one-to-one was also new to me. Lizzie immediately made me feel at ease and I got a buzz from using equipment/moving weights I hadn't had the confidence to approach before. Her sessions were always challenging but varied and well structured so it was easy to stay motivated. We trained through the pandemic and before, during and after the birth of my daughter. Lizzie's sessions have always been a way to carve out time for myself but, since becoming a mum, this is even more important. I can't recommend her highly enough - I miss her!

Leoni - Interior Designer and Mummy


I started working with Lizzie when I was 8 weeks postpartum. After being pregnant and not doing any proper exercise for so long, I was desperate to find the enthusiasm to get back into shape again.

I’d never had a PT before and really enjoyed learning how to use all the different gym equipment and appreciated someone talking me through each piece and how to use it properly. Having not exercised for a long time, I particularly enjoyed the sense of achievement during and after each session and found myself feeling pretty itchy to do more. I also really enjoyed her personality and we ended up having some pretty funny conversations. 

I feel like an actual goddess afterwards (I go into the session like an ogre and come out like a princess) and then I’m desperate to do the next one. 

I even go to bed thinking about the exercises I have done and how challenging I found it, trying to figure out how many squats she has tricked me into doing but how proud of myself I am to have achieved so much. 

I believe she is one of those lovely people who can connect to you on any level and find the most enjoyable conversations to flow. Sometimes I forget she is my PT and I feel like we are just friends doing a session together......until she makes me do loads of burpees!

Aside from the serious muscle tone I am developing, I’m just so much happier and have way more energy to throw at life. Would I recommend Lizzie? No! She’s mine and you can’t have her!!!

Hannah - Director


I started working with Lizzie after I had lost a lot of weight on my own through diet and walking and was ready to actually start feeling fitter and stronger. To even get in touch felt like a massive step for me but Lizzie never made me feel self-conscious, embarrassed, unfit…all the things I’d worried about - only normal and empowered and like there wasn’t a massive mountain ahead of me.


I massively looked forward to our sessions and felt so much better for it. I learned that I need a session booked at a set time for me to mentally and physically show up (I could have looked at a whole host of online workouts - good and bad - over the years but I never have) - I have learned the value of two or more people showing up for each other and forming routines and relationships, and I feel great for it.


If you’re wondering whether this is for you, I’d wholeheartedly recommend having a go at working out with Lizzie.  

Samantha - Lawyer


Lizzie is a fantastic personal trainer. Through the one-on-one sessions, Lizzie has helped me improve not only my own physical ability but my attitude towards food with the The Goddess Body Formula and my "I can't" mindset. 

She gives a completely personalised session and pushes you to work hard, but stepping out of the door afterwards knowing you smashed it is rewarding and a massive confidence boost, mentally preparing already to try and exceed her expectations next time. 

She's extremely knowledgeable and is always happy to talk things through, whether it be nutrition, the best way to plan your workout or even how you can best gauge your form is right when you're on your own.

She's been so much more that a personal trainer and I can't stress just how great she is.

Paula - CFO

I have used personal trainers in the past and I needed to do something as I was unfit and overweight. After doing research I was impressed by Lizzie’s approach to body transformations. I was very unfit and Lizzie introduced me back to exercise with a program to improve my fitness levels but also transform my body. By building up each week with a variety of exercises, with her support and motivation, I now love weight lifting and enjoyed each session, even through incredibly early on a Friday morning! Lizzie has helped improve my confidence and self belief. I would highly recommend her. 

Sarah - Director and Mum of 3. 


I have this lady to thank for changing my life. When I met her I was seriously overweight and unfit. I went to the gym but my food was awful and along with depression, asthma and like so many other women I had a life of struggles, I wanted to change and make a better me.

I have a goal and have fallen in love with weight lifting 🏋🏻 and yesterday reached my 100kg deadlift.  Life is finally fitting together and going really really well. 

The asthma has gone, I've stopped smoking and my nutrition is allowing me to fuel my body to be the best it can be so I'm able to take on any thing this world has to throw at me, BRING IT ON!

Weight Loss Results Bristol Personal Trainer



I have been training with Lizzie for a few years now and she is a great motivator and provides a highly personal workout. She helped me before and after pregnancy and was very knowledgeable and fully understood my requirements. I cannot recommend Lizzie highly enough.

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Louise - Production Manager

Lizzie offers more than just a PT session, it’s like you are getting a free therapy session too. Lizzie empowers women to feel strong, confident and positive. Every workout was bespoke to my body, challenging me every step of the way to improve and better myself. I never felt better than when training with Lizzie. Lizzie offers nutritional, straightforward advice- complete clarity when nutrition and exercise can feel overwhelming. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!!!

Gemma - Lead Product Manager and Mum of 2 

I first trained with Lizzie back in 2017 in the run up to my wedding. Lizzie took the time to understand me and my body so she could design sessions that were enjoyable and worked on the right areas. Lizzie’s training was exactly what I needed. I’ve also worked with her to get back into shape after having babies.


I think it’s super important to find the right trainer for you, someone who inspires you to work hard but also someone you genuinely enjoy spending time with. I’m not one to enjoy the gym but I always looked forward to my sessions with Lizzie. It really helped knowing she was on the other end of those 6am wake ups!


If you want someone who’ll take time to understand you and your body to get you feeling fit and looking healthy, Lizzie’s your gal.

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