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Sarah - Mum of 3 and Sales Manager 


I have this lady to thank for changing my life massively. When I met her I was seriously overweight and unfit. I went to the gym but my food was awful and along with depression, asthma and like so many a life of struggles I wanted to change and make a better me.

I'm still very much under construction but I have a goal and have fallen in love with weight lifting 🏋🏻 and yesterday reached my 100kg deadlift. Im taking part in a White Collar Boxing Fight in March and even now working in a gym. Life is finally fitting together and going really really well. 

The asthma has gone, I've stopped smoking and my nutrition is allowing me to fuel my body to be the best it can be so I'm able to take on any thing this world has to throw at me, BRING IT ON!

Weight Loss Results Bristol Personal Trainer

Dana - Mum of 4


I have had the privilege to work out with Lizzie for the past 10 months. Lizzie has created workouts that were exactly what I was looking for...challenging, different, and fun! Just when I thought I knew all of the ways to work out my hamstrings, she'd show me a new and more interesting approach. We also spent a lot of time discussing my day-to-day nutrition so that I could find a happy balance (being a busy mum of 4) and still achieve the results that I wanted to see. Since I started working out with Lizzie, I am happier, more fit and have seen an 8% loss in body fat! Thank you, Lizzie!!!



Kelly - Mortgage Manager


Literally amazed with my results with Lizzie!!!! 5 star!!!! I have been unhappy with my shape for years, and always tried to get in to shape myself but always failed. In my first session with Lizzie I have full confidence in her ability to kick my ass in to shape and she did. In 12 weeks I lost 8lbs of fat and have toned up by gaining 4lbs of muscle. I fell so much more confidant in myself. A large part of my results have also come from The Goddess Body Formula, this helped me to change my eating and drinking pattern in to a much more healthy and rewarding (but still realistic) lifestyle that I will continue to go by every day. 

I would highly recommend anybody to Lizzie! I'm going in for my second 12 weeks with her and taking my fitness to the next level because I am hooked! 

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Weight Loss Results Bristol Personal Trainer
Weight Loss Results Bristol Personal Trainer

Niamh - Nurse 


Although a regular gym goer the last few months I've hit a major plateau. Unable to lose weight and seeing no progress I sought much needed advice. Since meeting Lizzie I've not only become healthier and fitter but a much more positive and happier person. I came to Lizzie looking for nutritional advise as this was an area I was lacking in. I had developed an unhealthy relationship with food from ' yo yo' dieting to over eating. Although consciously knowing one you can not out exercise a bad diet. Lizzie has helped me now find balance from simple dietary advice but also highlighting that consistency is key. I joined her accountability group and after 3 weeks I had lost 7lbs. 5 weeks on now and I have lost 10lbs with plenty more energy then ever before. I now feel I'm back on track with both my dietary habits and physical activity. This wouldn't of happened without Lizzie's much needed help. 

I can't praise Lizzie enough and ever so thankful. I would recommend Lizzie to anyone struggling to break bad habits and begin a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Claire - Project Manager 


Lizzie has been fantastic. I came to her because I wanted to lose some weight I couldn't shift and wanted to gain the confidence to do resistance training in the gym. My old jeans are big and I am ready to start weight training alone. Lizzie is friendly and approachable and I'm really going to miss our sessions which were hard work but great fun

Weight Loss Results Bristol Personal Trainer

Samantha - Legal Assistant 


Lizzie is a fantastic personal trainer. Through the one-on-one sessions, Lizzie has helped me improve not only my own physical ability but my attitude towards food with the Lean Body Rules and my "I can't" mindset. 

She gives a completely personalised session and pushes you to work hard, but stepping out of the door afterwards knowing you smashed it is rewarding and a massive confidence boost, mentally preparing already to try and exceed her expectations next time. 

She's extremely knowledgeable and is always happy to talk things through, whether it be nutrition, the best way to plan your workout or even how you can best gauge your form is right when you're on your own.

She's been so much more that a personal trainer and I can't stress just how great she is.